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Call Us Today!
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Welcome to Schools of Chinese Martial Arts.
   At our Schools of Chinese Martial Arts- Hei Long Shou Shu Kung Fu, our students young and old embrace a way of life full of confidence, self-discipline, and self control that will enhance mind, body and spirit.  Hei Long Shou Shu Kung Fu (Black Dragon Beast Art) is a combative art that incorporates the fighting principles of seven different animals.  I am Da Shifu Tim McNabney and I’ve operated my schools in the Bay Area since 1998.
   The origins of my training began with the honorable, late Great Grandmaster Da Shifu Al Moore Sr. who taught me the true principles of  Shou Shu.  I have continued to further my training and learned from other great masters as well as traveled to China to proliferate my art, Hei Long Shou Shu Kung Fu. Hei Long Shou Shu Kung Fu not only teaches the principles of  Shou Shu, but advances in the teachings of Yin & Yang (external to internal). Some of our training regimens include advanced hand sets, applied fighting applications, honorable combat training, Iron palm training, Tai Chi, Chi Gong and meditation.  We teach basic to master’s weapons which are mandatory in our curriculum and in most Chinese Martial Arts.
   Our schools provide classes for men, women, and especially children in a family oriented atmosphere. We are the only schools in the U.S. that teaches Hei Long Shou Shu Kung Fu (Black Dragon Beast Art).  Our classes are available 6 days a week, offering group classes and private lessons.  In keeping with my Honorable Great Grandmaster’s vision, I will continue to proliferate the art by continuing my extensive training and deeper knowledge of the Chinese Martial Arts.  I will continue to bring the, “Ways of the Old into the New.” 
Da Shifu
Tim McNabney

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